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Jerry-Lee Hall (Owner) :

Jerry-Lee Hall had run a small printer consumables company but felt that it was running him and not the other way around. This put him off having his own business and a few years ago he came to work for the PCL Group. Jerry-Lee was tasked with setting up the new Building Products department which involved numerous trips abroad and keeping an eye out for new and innovative products. Whilst in this role, he watched the roof market develop with keen interest and soon began to formulate his own ideas on how to run a successful business in Devon and Cornwall (an area he knows and loves). Jerry-Lee came to the Group Directors with his idea and with their help and support he set up PCL Roof Solutions Exeter.

“I was an employee of PCL before taking on the Franchise, but had run my own business before working there. I felt that taking a franchise was a safer bet (statistics bear this out) and wanted the security of using a tried and tested industry brand with all the help and years of expertise that went with it. I cannot stress the importance of getting the job right first time for great customer satisfaction which is why I set my business up to use the largest manufacturer of solid roofs in the UK’s with their installers, surveyors and support.

Whilst an employee of PCL I could see first-hand the attention and effort they put into the franchise offering. They are the largest manufacturer and installer of solid roofs in the country and this expertise shows through – it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.

PCL have provided me with every assistance to get the business up and running and continue to do so. I really feel that my customers benefit from having a local business with national backing giving them the peace of mind in knowing that their job is going to be carried out professionally and expertly and will leave them with years of enjoyment in a room they currently cannot use.

All our work is carried out by PCL, again benefiting from their years of expertise and experience. This gives me the confidence going forward to know that every job is fitted correctly, every job is worthy of the 10-year Home Pro guarantee and that every job will leave my customers with a very happy experience dealing with PCL Roof Solutions Exeter.”

Why Use PCL Roof Solutions Exeter

  • Experienced energy efficient solid roof professionals
  • Skilled and professional team
  • Quality materials used
  • Excellent workmanship and craftsmen
  • Excellent after-sales and customer sales service