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The Supalite roof is specifically engineered to sit on an existing conservatory assuming that it has re-inforced UPVC frames as to the correct standard. All UPVC frames built over the last 20 years should have been built to the correct standard. A site visit would need to be arranged to confirm this.

Every conservatory is individual dependent on positioning and light. However, some people choose to have Velux style windows installed. Plus, painting the new plastered ceiling white reflects the light and helps make your conservatory light and

To replace an existing roof you do not require planning permission in England and Wales, although in Scotland you need a Building Warrant. However, if you change the floor plan of your existing conservatory you may require planning permission, subject to site survey.

Yes, you do need Building Regulations. As part of our process we would deal with this for you, and you would receive a Building Regulations Final Notice Certificate once the Supalite roof is installed.

Having discussed this with many existing customers they are delighted with the difference the Supalite roof has made to their home and lifestyle.