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PCL Roof Solutions Exeter

We are the trading arm of JLH Building Products Ltd and specialise in supplying and fitting the PCL Solid Roof System and are therefore supported by the largest manufacturer of solid roofs in the country.

As a supplier of the PCL Solid Roof System we are able to offer our customers the most thermally insulated Solid Roof System available in the UK today. We have years of experience in the Solid Roof industry and have had the luxury of having a say in how the PCL System has been designed to combat the flaws other Solid Roof systems have encountered. We recognised the market place for the insulated solid conservatory roof and received first-class training in all aspects of the product and the market place whilst working for the Phil Coppell Group. Our all-round abilities were recognised by the Group leading to us being offered the opportunity of taking on the installation and supply of the roof system throughout the South West.